The internet is an amazing place, you can find out so much with just a click of your mouse and there are so many people out there who are doing really amazing and creative work.

On this page I’ll be compiling a list of tutorials and websites that I use for inspiration and learning.


 Hills – the 3T way!

Fetch me a Shrubbery! by Manorhouse Workshop (I know there is an English translation of this article out there somewhere, I’ll find it asap!)

… & More to come soon!

Scenery making websites:

Terrainthralls: their tutorials index contains a huge collection of great tutorials on everything from making basic hills and buildings to masterclass dioramas

Terragenesis: one of the best scenery making forums out there, you will find tutorials, advice and project logs on virtually every topic known to tabletop gaming

Manorhouse Workshop: unfortunately it is in Italian (unless you speak Italian, in which case can you help me read these!) but Lorrenzo’s work is second to none and his tutorials are really helpful, despite the language barrier, with lots of images, tricks and tips. And  to boot he’s also a really, really nice guy! When I was in Milan in the spring of 2012 I sent him an email and he was kind enough to have my wife and I over for coffee and show me around his studio, very inspiring stuff 🙂

Other Useful Resources:

Anakron: a French painter, sculptor and concept artist, not only is his work amazing but he has a bunch of really helpful tutorials and how-to videos (covering topics like building a photo booth and photographing models, cleaning and pinning models, base-coating and mixing paint, making doors and scenic bases, and perhaps most usefully, anatomy resources for would-be sculptors) on the workshop (L’Atelier) page of his site. I’ll warn you that it is in French, which thankfully I can read, but even if you can’t take a look since he uses lots of photos so you should be able to figure things out regardless. And if you can’t send me an email and I’ll try to help!

… & More to come soon!


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