Working with Dragons!!!

So it has busy of late here in Elsewhere!

drake 9c9aaff11972fac13dccc5b3523a991a_large


The Kickstarter campaign for the tabletop wargame Drake was a crazy success, Benji and the team raised over 129K in funds for their project unlocking every one of their stretch goals along the way, including 7 dragons, an airship, and a huge plethora of weird creatures, dragon-kin, and strange and interesting peoples. Check out the Kickstarter page to see all the great models that will soon be produced, and if you like what you see I think this week is the last week to get in on the post-Kickstarter deals before we close the paypal options down and get moving on production: Drake Kickstarter

I have been involved with Drake in a few areas to date, including loaning my existing terrain for their photography and videos as well as making a quick board to shoot a game-play video on:

Battle Report Video

I have also been commissioned to sculpt some models that will be used as objective markers for Drake! This is a pretty cool opportunity because not only will these be cast in resin and sold to gamers, but in this game objective markers have a much larger role than simply sitting there waiting for someone to claim them, they will have all sorts of weird powers and models will be able to interact with them if really interesting ways. Check out update #56 on the Kickstarter and you will see some photos of me working in my shop, and even a little bit of a sneak peak of the Ancient Artifacts!

IMG_2240 However, since you have come all this way I’ll give you some better WIP images of the work I’ve done on these pieces. The images here are quite early along in the process, these two are almost finished now and I’m starting a third, but they are the most up to date pictures I have at the moment, I hope you like them.


Ben is a great collaborator, and when he sees something he likes he loves to share it which is a huge part of what makes him so much fun to work with!

During the design process on the artifacts I was wading through as much concept art and imagery related to the Drake project as I could to make sure they fit into the world just right. This was really fun because I got to totally immerse myself in the world Ben had created and get a feel for the different cultures and Dragons on the continent of Dara. One day Ben showed me a piece by one of the artists he has been working with, Veli Nystrom, and it totally knocked me flat! I had seen Veli’s work before and loved it, and I had even seen this piece in a previous iteration and used some of its designs in my own concept work, but when he showed me the update version of The Great Library of Kass, I was blown away…


This is when things really fell into place for me, Dara was coming alive as a geography and an environment, and I was going to get to help bring it to life! And then, with a gleam in his eye Ben told me to look at the column on the left and tell me what I saw… well, I’ll say I was pretty chuffed to see that he and Veli had incorporated some of my Ancient Artifact designs into this amazing piece. I’m pretty lucky to be working on such a great team of folks, who value collaboration and cross fertililzation so much and I think that the gamers are going to have a lot of fun searching for the little easter eggs that we are going to be hiding in the models and rulebooks as this stuff really gets rolling!

And on top of all this, Ben commissioned me to do some painting in the lead up to make the video which I linked above! I had the pleasure of painting the four Cherek Hunters in the image below, and I feel more than a bit humbled to have my paints standing next to models painted by professional painters such as Chad LaSalles and Lee DeKock (who you can find over at Beautiful Warfare). However, all in all I think I did a pretty good job with them.

garrick force

So anyway, there is a lot going on and this isn’t even all of it! I am also building a modular folding board to be used forDrake’s photography and travel displays, it should be finished in another week or two and I’ll put pics up as soon as it is done. As well, The Little Big Workshop (owned and operated by my friend Adam) has been brought into the dragon fold and if all goes well with the tests we will be producing the resin dragons for Drake and I’ll get to be working as an assistant caster! So yeah, lots more coming soon and I’ll try to keep you updated as best as I can.




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