Introducing, Drake: The Dragon Wargame!

Last week I mentioned that some exciting projects are in the works, so today I want to introduce a brand new tabletop wargame that is smashing through stretch goals on Kickstarter. Designed by my friend Benji here in Vancouver, Drake: The Dragon Wargame

“Dragons from an ancient era have risen from a slumber that has lasted millions of years.  Their protective sleep saved them from a comet impact, yet when they awoke they saw a changed world.  Continental drift and a receding ice age carved out a large continent called Dara. 

Following The Great Awakening various dragon species spread out into different regions and subjugated local human inhabitants through violence, diplomacy, and trickery.  Now, as ancient feuds resurface and Dara erupts into war, the dragons and their allies battle for resources and dominance.”

(From the website, read the Story of Drake on the website for more info.)

In Drake you command a powerful dragon leading a force of beastly minions and subjugated human warriors into battles. This is a 28mm scale miniature game which employs an innovative card mechanic that allows for a fast-paced and responsive game of strategy and tactics.

In order to show some of the game mechanics of Drake Benji and Andrej have shot some gameplay videos and they used some pieces from my scenery collection to provide the set and background.

In addition, I have been working closely with Benji and he has asked me to make the display boards and scenery for Drake! I’m pretty excited about this, as this means that I get the privilege of building the physical world that these great models will be inhabiting and battling across. Here are some glimpses of the continent of Dara from the Drake website, it is from images like this and conversations with the designers that I am working to draw my inspirations and vision of the world of Drake, so stay tuned, there are going to be some fun projects coming in the future months!

The Continent of Dara


The Mouth of the World

Rish and Garrick Dragons in battle






As a send off, here are some shots of the first run of Drake’s painted models, painted by Vancouver’s own professional painter Chad LaSalles.


















And there are lots more great models in the works, check out the kickstarter campaign (which is already 350% funded and growing) and webpage for teasers, rules, forums, and much much more:

Take care and see you soon!








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