Dungeon Bowl Board Commission

So here are the first set of images to show the Dungeon Bowl board I’ve been making for my brother Pat.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dungeon Bowl, it is a variation of the popular miniature fantasy sports game Blood Bowl. Blood Bowl  is basically football played with dice and miniature figures (measuring about 25-30mm to the eye) on a grid pitch.

Dungeon Bowl is similar to Blood Bowl, the main difference being that instead of playing on a flat empty boring pitch, the teams must navigate through a twisting labyrinth full of teleporters and exploding treasure chests! Traditionally Dungeonbowl is played in a dungeon setting, but my brother uses the japanese themed Urakan clan Goblins produced by Rackham for his figures and so he wanted a board that fit their style and theme.

To represent the Labyrinth I built a variety of differently shaped modular wall geomorphs (kind of like tetris pieces!) that can be placed on the flat board sections as desired and arranged in an infinite number of patterns to create a different labyrinth pattern for the players and their models to navigate every time.

The squares on the boards are 1.5″x1.5″ so the boards each measure 12″x18″. The game consists of 6 of these boards arranged in a square to form a 24 square x 24 square grid (3’x3′), with an extra section at either end to represent the end zones. I made the board in 8 individual pieces rather than as one large board to make the game more easy to store. The wall sections are all approximately 2″ high and in these photos you can see 3 different kinds of wall sections: Stone, Wood and Garden. If they can find a way up, models are allowed to walk along the tops of the stone wall sections (ladders and stairs are coming!), while the wooden sections simply block line of sight, and the garden walls only block movement but not line of sight for passes and leaps etc.

This is just a teaser of what’s to come, I’ve got all of the other board sections in various stages of completion, a whole bunch more wall pieces coming including hedge walls, a pool, tori gates that open and close, pillars, as well as chests and teleporters!

Super huge thanks to Tippy for taking these photos for me, and to Pat who’s brainchild this is.
Stay tuned in the weeks to come, this project will be finished by mid december!


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