This weekend Astronomi-Con is coming to Vancouver, and we’ve donated 2 tables worth of scenery to the event!

Unfortunately I won’t be at the event as I’m headed back to Ontario to visit family (bad timing…) but if you saw my stuff and liked what you saw let me know, I’d love to hear players’ thoughts on my scenery – what you liked, what you didn’t like, what worked and what didn’t and why. I’m new to this so any feedback from players would be really great 😉

I’ve never been to Astro before, but from what I’ve heard Astronomi-Con is a critically acclaimed Warhammer 40K tournament quite different from your run of the mill 40K event: every table has a different scenario and objective, and they allow a pretty wide array of different rules and models including some Chapter Approved stuff, Forge World, and other specialty codices. The organizers state that their goal is: “If we could go to our own dream of a 40k tournament, what would it be like? Knowing that – let’s do our best to make Astronomi-con fit that mould.” Sounds pretty sweet to me!

Hopefully the event will go off great. The organizers seem like rad people, and they’ve worked really hard so good luck to you all!

Here are some photos of the two sets of scenery that I’ve sent, hopefully some gaming shots will come in soon so I can put up some more updates.




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